Team at the Cape Town office

Mr Walter Dyers (National General Secretary )  Email:  Fax to Email: 866 453 429
Bernadette Redcliffe (Financial Administrator)  Email:  Fax to Email:  0865059169
Desiree Rust (Benefits Administrator)  Email:  Fax to Email:  0866453431
Desiree Marsh (Admin Clerk)  Email:  Fax to Email:  0866453432
Joan Fraser (Admin Clerk)  Email:  Fax to Email:  0865568032
Jenine Redcliffe (Admin Clerk)  Email:  Fax to Email:  0862360254
Noel Settler (Organiser)  Email:  Fax to Email:  0865540474
Desmond Lewis (Organiser)  Email:  Fax to Email:  0865540473
Ernest Smith (Recruitment Officer)  Email:  Fax to Email:  0865059492
Erica Smith (Recruitment Officer)  Email:  Fax to Email:  0867257756
Thembekile Komani (Recruitment Officer)  Email:  Fax to Email:  0866192157
Keith Booysen (Recruitment Officer)  Email:  Fax to Email:  0867257755

CapeTown Office Contact Details

Tel:  021- 948 5872
Fax: 021- 948 4254